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Event & Community

We hope to make the Mad Dash fun and beneficial for all the community, businesses and people of Willunga. Below is some info on the event to help communicate our vision, especially as this is the first year we're running it. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us on any topic, we'd love to hear from you and value all community input, after all, this event is for all of us. 

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The Summary...


It's a Billy Cart race. No motors, just gravity. Participants will go down the track one at a time and are scored on their time, cart theme and performance of a skit at the start. 


3rd November 2024, from 10am to 4pm
(Road closures from 5am to 5pm)


Willunga High Street. The starting line will be outside the top pub and the finish line will be approximately level with the post office. 


Road closures and logistics

See map opposite for planned road closures. Detours and closures will be in effect from 6am to 5pm Sunday 6th November.

Track setup will start early Sunday morning with crowd fencing and hay bales being laid out down either side of the high street. 

Mad Dash Road Closures.png
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Tell me more!

There will be some commentary and speakers down the track to share the fun and create some atmosphere. 

The judges will be at the top pub and we'll have some marquees setup for commentary and Tribe FM to broadcast the event. 

The track will have several obstacles for the carts to go over, under or around and these will be positioned periodically down the track. 

There will be marshals along the track to ensure no Humans go on the track and the bales are kept in order. There will also be a manned track crossing.

St Johns will have a medical station at Moore street.

There will also be a volunteer sausage sizzle on the day, and a crazy popcorn stall courtesy of Bendigo Community Bank. 🤪

What next?

If you want to get in touch with us, you can reach us at

We welcome any extra involvement and are keen to accommodate the needs to local people and businesses. 

If you are interested to support the event, you can buy a bale and we'll hang your logo on the track. 

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