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Mad Dash Entry Details

Okie dokie racer, start your engines, we're super stoked you're ready to roll with us in 2024. 


On this page you'll find all the info you'll need to know about entering a team into the Bendigo Community Bank Fleurieu Mad Dash 2024 - cart specs, what the judges do and how the teams work. 


When you're confident you're gonna make all the spectators chortle embarrassingly in front of their friends, hit the big red button and give us all the juicy details on our official entry form.

What the giant bananas is it all about?

Silliness is the key word here. This is an event unlike any of your usual billy cart races. The emphasis is on fun, costume and complete madness. It is not just a speed race, my friend, if you want to take home one of the coveted mad dash trophies then your team will need to be as daft as a brush and have the cart and costumes to match!

Born out of a long held desire to bring silliness, laughter and a family event to the Fleurieu, the Mad Dash Billy Cart Race is sure do do all these things. Fast becoming a familiar fixture in the South Australian calendar, 2024 will build on the success of 2022’s amazing event. A day long extravaganza of colour, costume, carts and craziness, it looks set to be the SA family fun event of this year. Running down Willunga high street the race is open to all entrants 10yrs and above. With plenty of shops, stalls and eateries, there will be something there for everyone. 

 Let the lunacy commence!!
Mad Dash-31.jpg
DALL·E 2024-03-25 21.09.09 - people in a line dressed up as crayons of different colours o

Your team

This is your time to shine! In order for you to put the I in teiam, you need to get a few things sorted. First of all you need to decide on a theme, this will be your guiding star, your rock. Next comes the cart design, how are you going to make the most eye catching, jaw dropping piece of incredible stupidity on wheels?  Once you’ve sorted that start working out your costumes, remember your in a team so your not the only one going to look like a prize galah, the funnier the better. Then last of all comes the skit… this is where your team hogs the limelight for a full 30 seconds before the cart race, maybe doing a random dance or hitting each other with trout. Channel your inner jester and strut your stuff.

Look how cool these people are, it’s like an inspirational kick in the face!

Your cart and the race

This is after all a billy cart event, we cannot get away from this even if we run really fast with little skips in between. Your cart is going to be your flagship and the carrier of 1 or 2 of your team down to the holy grail of finish lines. Give it a good bit of thought, remember the public are going to be watching and cheering and the judges eyes are everywhere (mainly because they have had one too many gins). The race course details are extremely secret at present (even from us), but be rest assured there will be twists, turns, ramps, obstacles and a small sausage dog. One of those might be a lie. If you can make it all the way to the finish line then well done you, if you can do it with flair and out and out silliness then welcome to the party my friend! 

This dog has already bought his outfit, and he can’t even drive a cart

DALL·E 2024-03-25 20.52.28 - a dog wearing a super hero costume with racing goggles.png

The judging

As we’ve mentioned before this is no ordinary billy cart race and as such the winner is not necessarily the cart that makes it over the finish line first. We take this race evaluation extremely seriously, here is how ye shall be judged! 


The Cart: How amazingly daft is your vehicle? Does it wow the crowd and make them laugh till they need the toilet?


The Team: How incredible do you look? Are you flowing with team synergy? Do your costumes look like they were crafted by rumplestiltskin out of unicorn hair? 


The Skit: Were expecting big things here, take us on a journey, we want to laugh, cry, gasp…. actually, we just want to laugh.


The Course: This is the teeny weeny bit that’s related to time, the faster you get down the hill the more points will rain down upon your fair teams heads.   


Bonus Silly: If you add in something unexpected that captures the judges giggles then you might be in for some extra points. 


Peoples Choice: During the day spectators will be able to vote on their favourite team/cart. Power to the people!

There will be much revered mad dash trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, and peoples choice. Plus all entrants will get exclusive entrants medals. But remember…only 1 team will be crowned Mad Dash 2024 supreme winners!

As you can see, our judges are very wise and long trained in the ways of daftness.

Pit rules & regulations

  • Team members must be at least 10 years of age.

  • Each member of your team (or guardian) must individually sign a participant disclaimer in order to be able to compete in the event. 

  • Teams must consist of minimum 2 to a maximum of 8 members. 
    Minimum req: 1 driver, and 1 pit crew/runner. 
    Optional: 1 passenger in cart.


  • Driver and optional passenger to remain in cart while the cart is moving.

  • Pit crew/runners push the cart to the start line and can run the track as part of the theatrics, ensuring they get the team over the finish line. They must always be behind the cart and can only come into contact with it if the cart becomes stuck.

  • If the cart breaks down on the track, your team may push, pull or carry your cart over the finish line.

  • Your cart must be less than 2m wide, 2.5m tall and 3.5m long and should have at least 20cm clearance from the ground.

  • Wheels should be a minimum of 25cm diameter.

  • Carts must have at least 4 wheels.

  • All carts must have completely functional fixed brakes and steering. Braking with any loose objects or limbs is not permitted. 

  • Brakes must function independently from the steering and work on the rear wheels.

  • There must be no sharp edges inside or outside the cart, use padding over any protrusions where necessary. 

  • Carts must be powered by the strength of an initial push and the gravity of the hill only. 

  • Drivers and passengers are required to wear a bike helmet to Australian Standards. They may be dressed up to be part of the costume.

  • All team members must wear enclosed robust footwear. Knee and elbow pads are recommended for those riding in the cart.

  • All chosen drivers and team members must arrive for a safety briefing and carts need to pass scrutineering prior to the event.

A few last points

  • Places for entrants are limited so the quicker you submit your entry form the more likely you will secure your position in the 2024 Mad Dash. 

  • More info and course details will be divulged closer to the race day. 

  • Costs for general public entrants is $80 and for Business/Corporate its $150 (which includes trackside advertising) and is payable upon registration.

  • Remember the sillier and more daft your theme, cart etc.. the more points you will score on the day.

Any questions please contact: or chat to us on Facebook

Get your crazy on!!

If you want a special copy of the info on this page you can also download a copy of our entrants pack as a PDF. 

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