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Not your average billy cart race, the Mad Dash is all about silliness, creativity & fun, less about speed & finish times.

Sunday 6th November 2022, 10am - 4pm

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Sunday 6th November

Willunga High Street, 10am till 4pm

It's finally here! 

The Mad Dash will be rolling down Willunga High Street. Bring your family & friends and enjoy the silliest billy cart race in SA. Packed with fun, frivolity and a hefty dose of MADNESS as teams dance, sing, duck and weave their way down the track.  

WARNING this is not a high speed event - the aim is to cheer on the DAFTEST cart in town. So strap on your laughing gear, get dressed up and bring all your belly laughs. We can't wait to see you trackside. Free fun for everyone! 

Cart Loads of Fun

Born out of a long held desire to bring silliness, laughter and a family event to the Fleurieu, the Mad Dash Billy Cart Race is sure do do all these things. Aiming to become a yearly fixture in the South Australian calendar, 2022 will be its inaugural outing.


A day long extravaganza of colour, costume, carts and craziness, it looks set to be the SA family fun event of the year. Running down Willunga high street the race is open to all entrants 10yrs and above. With plenty of shops, cafes & pubs (3!!!), there will be something for everyone.

HOT TIP!!! - on the day; check out the carts BEFORE they trundle down the track... they may be in slightly better condition.

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Cart Judging

Our judges our very wise and long trained in the ways of daftness.

After all, this is a billy cart event, we cannot get away from the fact; even if we run really fast with little skips in between.


The carts are going to be the flagship of the day. The teams have put a good bit of thought & hours into their designs.


The race course details are extremely secret at present (even from us), but be rest assured there will be twists, turns, ramps, obstacles and a small sausage dog. One of those might be a lie. If you can make it all the way to the finish line then well done you, if you can do it with flair and out and out silliness then welcome to the party my friend!


So watch, cheer, and Mexican wave all of the teams on the day as they hurtle down the high street. The judges eyes will be everywhere (mainly because they have had one too many gins). 

Entries have closed for 2022

Get in touch if you're as MAD as us and keen to be apart of the fun next year!

How would you like to be involved in the 2023 Mad Dash?

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